MY TWO PURPOSES: Helping Others and Spiritual Health

I am financially free before Dec 31st, 2022, because I help clients create a new life and fulfill their life and I do so by my life coaching and hypnosis in my business venture. I am totally in awe for being able to help my fellow human beings to challenge themselves and creating their potential life possibilities.

I live in Ukraine, in Odessa. It is a 3 bedroom apartment overlooking the ocean. My apartment is warm and nice and above standard class, owning my own apartment is the fulfillment of one of my dreams in life, so it feels like the biggest achievement and I feel like a success. Further, I am travelling the world together with my girlfriend. We go to Asia, Oceania, USA and Europe to experience the world, and I feel freedom and happiness in achieving this, it is the best feeling in my life when I sit down in the plane and are ready to travel somewhere. Both of these goals are a result of my business venture taking off, starting Jan 1st 2022, and I am being successful by Dec 31st, 2022. Before Dec 31st, 2025 I build my charity helping kids in poor countries, I have a special heart for the Philippines, so it focus here first, but are going to be bigger than that, helping poor families and their kids is unimaginable great for me, and I cry of happiness each time I think of how I am able to help them. I am also asked to speak around the world, and standing on the stage before 10,000 people feels wonderful.

To achieve better success I am writing books and selling video courses and I study Hypnosis and further Life Coaching courses to learn more and more, this complement my business, and is happening from today onwards, my hypnosis course started a while ago and is finished before 31 July 2022.

I am John Henning Eide