My religion, Eckankar, and that makes me an Eckist. I do not plan to use this part of the site to earn any money on my religion, it is not why I share this story, it is more to tell you my way into Eckankar, but your way do not have to be similiar. So why create a page to write about my religion? I want to inform you that there is another choice, a better choice than you may have heard of.

Why Eckankar?

I believe in Karma and Reincarnation. This did not happen overnight. In fact, it happen while sitting praying. One day I was very down, and I prayed about what I actually believed in, when I had converted to the Catholic church from a Pentecost church in New Zealand. The Pentecost church in New Zealand was great, but as I moved into the Catholic Church, I became observant, and I found that there was a problem Christianity could not answer for me. I had a problem. Why is there a hell, and why is there a heaven, and how did the church promote this? In addition, why was we all sinful even we were just born? I mean the church preach a message that we are all a sinner before we turn our life around and believe in Jesus. Today I believe that nobody is sinful before they do something wrong.

It was a problem I could not get around. I mean from birth I did not believe in a God. When I was 15 years old, I did not get an answer to why I was to be bullied and psycologically bullied all the time, both at home and in school. This made me leave school after 11 years. In other words I never fulfilled what is to be high school in English, continuous education in Norwegian. I was not fitting into society. I have my own opinions that did not fit with anyone. In addition, due to the bullying and terror I faced, I was continously angry. From I was 8-9 years old, until I finally arrived in Australia as a 22 year old, I was always angry and vulnerable. It did not take much before I was beating things to hurt myself. I especially remember beating the wall in my room, which had hard and sharp spikes to scratch your hand when you beat it. I loved to bleed, it meant I had fulfilled what others wanted me to feel like. Hurting and feeling like I should die was common beliefs I had at that time. I must admit, I am in a different place today, and I can help you as a coach to overcome such limiting beliefs.

In my life I have had a period of depression, when I was 15 years of age, I asked God, even though I did not believe in Him, if you exist, please just let me have a year without bullying and terror, and I shall forever believe in you. As you can imagine, I did not get a reply, and I did not have a break in the bullying or the terror. So I turned my eyes away from believing in a God. I therefore ended up doing the ultimate break with tradition. I did confirmation without chuch, without God, in a society that is called ¨Human-Etisk Forbund¨, they are a group of people that are ateists. This is a scary thought. Not because they are not believing in a God the way the Christian church do, but because they believe we all happened to be created by accidents, as well as all other parts of the world is created by accidents. I just cannot believe that, but they never thought about that. They did not teach us what they believed in, they just thought us that the God Christianity is believing in is not true. I was happy with that explanation at that time. I so remember my Grandma at the ceremony crying because I did not believe in the God she believed in. Still at 49 years of age I did not believe in that God, but here I was a devoted Catholic. I had just lost my girlfriend, that was the reason I had changed my religion, from being a Pentecost to becoming a Catholic. However, I was not finding this to be the right church either.

So what was I going to do. Well, as most church goers do, they pray over the matter. So, one day, I was sitting in church, praying and hoping for an answer. I even got it, I got told by God, that I should find a religion that believed in Karma and Reincarnation. What a surprising answer? How could that be true. Was I going crazy? I thought it had to be a dream, I thought I had heard wrong, maybe it said do not believe in such a God. But not only did I get to hear it once, but twice. Then I was going to be invited by chance in a group that walk together, and a few days after being introduced to this group I met a man that told me about a God in a religion called Eckankar, that believed in Karma and Reincarnation. I asked for more information. Funnily enough it took me a week to start looking into this religion. I was on a train ride and I did not have anything else to do. So I open the page, and started to read. As I read I found that more and more of what I read made sense. I even did the HU song and it had a wonderful impact on me.

From that day I was an Eckist. My friend that had invited me to look into this religion was in shock. He had given me a book that I read out in 20 minutes. I crushed all records. Most people, he said, need to read at least 3-5 books before they met with him for discussions about the religion. Before they eventually maybe sign up. Here I was, hungry to learn more about the religion. He supplied me with books as often as I asked for more. Today I understand why he gave me books instead of answering my questions. It is the way Eckist are supposed to answer questions, because Eckankar do not, like Christianity or other religions, have one way to answer a question. Answers are indivual. This means that if I answer your questions, I can be in your way. Rather than helping, answering questions for you, could be creating bad Karma for you. It could be that I give an advice that you did not need or that do not solve your real questions or situations.

In Eckankar, we believe that everyone have their own path to the Ocean of Love and Mercy. We all have our own reason for being on earth. We are all here to learn something. This is a big sentence for me. It stopped me from being suicidal. It is huge. The thought of turning the back to God, is awful to me. I cannot believe that I have tried to do this 3 times before. Two times as a teenager, and one last time, in 2009 when I lost my work in New Zealand, after becoming involved in a matter that was not in the best interest of the school. It is a black patch on my CV, but I am not proud of it, and I am sad to tell you that I was led into it by another person that gave me no option, but to tell him yes I would do it. He earned more money on it than me, something I was not aware of before afterwards. I was told by someone else what they were charging for such work, and what I was being paid. This means that if the school had listened to what I had to tell them, they would have taken down the name of this person in their school, as an honourable student. His name was Mike. I will not say more until the school contacts me.

I was given help to escape New Zealand in 2009. I escaped to escape the big attack that I was expecting. A few days after being fired I tried to suicide. I was sent to hospital and I was being pumped for sleeping tablets. Luckily they managed to get me pumped before all 50 of the sleeping tablets took effect in my stomach. So they saved me. It was by accident that I was walking about in the hallway of the apartment I was in. But that saved my life. Someone saw me there, and sent alarm to the ambulance that came and picked me up. And so I was saved. Then a person offered to help me pay the money for the airfare to fly to Norway. I did not know how I was going to find a place to live, but it all got organised by the NAV person I came too. In other words, all seemed to have been planned. It was not by me, but God seem to have been involved. However as an Eckist, I can not believe it was God that did this, but Mahanta.

Mahanta, this is an incredible person, he is also called Wah Z, he is an inner person, the guide, he is always with you, whether you believe in Eckankar or not. I believe he planned it all out for me. I truly believe he was there already at this stage of my life. Saving me, and putting it all right. How can you explain it? I guess it could all have been an accident. However, I have stopped believing in accidents. I do not believe accidents happens. It was the same thing the day I had to leave my wife’s house. She did not want me to stay there anymore. So I had to leave. She had found another person to share her life with. I had felt it for a while, but I did not know if that was the reason, or she was not happy with the living arrangements that we had got ourselves into. I was at the university long hours, and had to wait for the lady to return home after our school, and being away with her boyfriend. However, I could not tell anything to her husband, because I had no proof that there were anything wrong happening, until after I left the house, she divorced her husband to go with the other man, and live with him.

But when I was told to leave the house, I left, and I had a backpack with my books and a few set of cloth and nowhere to stay, and NZD$450 in the bank. The first night I stayed in a backpack for NZD$40 including breakfast, so it was reasonable enough that I could stay there till next week. However, the next day I was being lucky. I had a woman helping me to find a place to live, and she also took me out for a date, and I stayed with her for 1.5 years, in addition another student, gave me NZD$ 1,700 in an envelope. She had heard that I was in a bad position, and decided that to give the money to the church that month, was not worth it, so she gave it to me instead. I run after her when I saw what it was. I did not see her that day, but the next day I asked her if she had given me the wrong envelope. I had yet not used any of that money. We drove around almost all day that day. After I had confirmed that the money was for me, I used some of it to take my new friend out for a date.

So stories of accidents do not hold waters for me. I am a firm believer that what happens to us, happen to us for a reason. I did great while I was an Academic Leader, but my roll there was a scam. I was not doing much that should have been paid for. I coordinated the work that was done from the University of Southern Queensland and my school UUNZ, so I was in fact happy to be taken out of that job. I was not so happy to be still locked out of the work force in Bergen, Norway. However, in 2017 there happen something that made me not be able to take part in the work force anymore. I had a heart bypass operation. They managed to save me, but just barely. I was in full anesthetics for a week, or nearly a week, I went down to go in the operation room at 8am Monday morning, and I came out at 2am Friday morning. They did obviously not reckognize it immediately, however they had given me CRPS in the process of the operation. The pains in my leg, meant I was in and out of the hospital, every week for months on end. I had no ability to walk on the foot. I could not take a step without it hurting. Luckily I have found back to my full ability to walk on the foot, as long as I am doped down with medication to take away the pain I am facing. So I am on medication that means that I am not able to function normal in everyday life. Certainly not able to work in a job where they expect me to work in what is called a normal tempo.

The world now, means I have to go thru a period until 2025 where I am not allowed to run a company. This leaves me unable to earn more than 60,000 norwegian kroner a year. However, it does not stop me from collecting money for helping children in Ukraine or the Philippines, or doing Coaching and Hypnosis. It is due to this situation that I have found my highest and right religion in Eckankar. I am becoming a better person, day by day, and it shows in my actions, it shows in my attitude toward other people. How? You ask the people that tell me this? It is not something that I have asked them to say. It is some feedback I have got from them voluntarily. I have been in a dump, I have done something that is on the edge of legality. I have come back. I have changed, I have created a goal for myself, that is to help children in the Philippines and in Ukraine. It will not be in the same way. In the Philippines I so far have helped children in Manila, go to school, become Nurses, and they again, helps 3 students. They will again help 3 more. and so on. Therefore we are now at about 49 students going thru University in Manila, studying to be a Nurse, and there will be nearly 150 next year. My goal is to start 3 new students next year. For that I need to collect PHP 3,000, that is what it cost to enroll in University in the Philippines. For Ukraine I am not yet sure if that is the way I want to help. In addition, my next goal is to build a house for children in the Philippines in Dipolog. There will be a home where children can live instead of living on the street. They can come there when they have had an argument with the family, and stay until they have talked to the family and it is safe to return home, or if they do not have any parents, they can just stay there. I do not have to build a new house, it can also be a building I buy for this purpose. It can even mean that we rent a house for this purpose, we will see.

This is my goals for the near future. In order to reach it. I need help to achieve it. I wish some would like to come on as supporters. You will get update on how it is going with the students etc as we progress. Also about how your money is used. I know that I will not charged a large amount of money, so there is not much of a handling charge. Your money will go to the project at time or remain in the bank account until such a time that it can be used for the purpose it is donated for.

I would be grateful for any contributions, any words of encouragement and of any interest for Eckankar, do not hesitate to contact me as soon as possible. It is about time we think of it, that is creating the call for action.

I hope to hear from you as soon as possible, you can of course write to me about knowing more about any of the subjects I have written about here. Eckankar, Helping poor people and children in Ukraine and the Philippines, or other questions that these things has raised for you. Feel free to contact me for any purpose. I will be glad to help or answer any questions.